7426 W North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707

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Café Cubano is Chicagoland's most authentic Cuban restaurant. Family owned and operated, Café Cubano offers customers the unique flavors of old Cuba.

All the recipes are closely guarded by Javier Fernández Jr., the owner and head chef. The recipes came from his father Javier Sr. who passed away in 2009, leaving all his knowledge of and love for Cuban cooking to his son and family.

The family carries on the Cuban tradition and high standard of authenticity Javier Sr. set in his recipes. Every dish at Café Cubano is meticulously prepared with fresh and authentic ingredients and seasonings, exactly as Javier Sr. did it. 

"Dad taught us about his Cuba through his cooking," said Javier Jr. "These are Dad's recipes. We cook food the way Dad cooked it; we eat it the way Dad ate it."

After eight years in business, Café Cubano outgrew its space. "Dad was very happy to see so many customers loving his food," said Javier Jr.

In summer 2010, Café Cubano will expand its dining area to three times its size! Bigger dining room, bigger outdoor patio, and live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights!

"We miss our Dad and would like to include him in this wonderful stage of our lives and our restaurant," added Mayra Fernández, wife of Javier Jr. " My eyes are filled with tears because we miss our Dad so much! I know he is proud of us."

This is the story of Café Cubano. Come in and try for yourself the authentic flavors of old Cuba right here in Chicagoland.

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